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August 2013


The cause of stuttering is still unknown; however we know that it is not caused by anything that the parents are doing or not doing. It is often distressing for parents when their child starts to stutter and that is totally understandable. Below are some facts about stuttering. Stuttering usually starts when children are 2 or 3 years old It often begins when children

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Speech, Language and Literacy

Important skills for communication and learning. Speech and language are both part of communication. Speech involves production of all the speech sounds, voice quality and intonation. Language is a system we use to get our message across. This can be sign language, verbal language or written language. Literacy involves both reading and spelling. Some children have difficulties with the correct pronunciation of certain speech

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Traumatic Brain Injury

The hidden injury. A brain injury is sometimes called “a hidden injury”, because people who have sustained a brain injury often look perfectly normal from the outside; however there can be so much wrong inside the brain. Following a brain injury, people can have one or more of the following changes: Physical Memory difficulties Difficulties concentrating Difficulties with processing information Speech and language difficulties

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What is a Stroke?

A stroke or brain attack is the disruption of blood supply to the brain. The majority of strokes are caused by a reduced blood flow to the brain and this is generally caused by arthrosclerosis. Approximately 20% of the strokes are caused by a haemorrhage. This is a bleed in the brain which is caused by hypertension or a ruptured aneurysm. People who have

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